2010 Spring Soirée Photo Gallery

Photo Credit: Lisa Cohen Photography    Click photo to enlarge and show caption.

From left, Hellenic Women's Club President Pamela Lazares, event Co-Chair Christa Ayoub, Honored Guest Denise Hazen, Dr. Helen Papoulias O'Leary, Honored Guest Dr. Judy Garber, Demetra Fund Chair Stephanie Andrews and event Chair Stacey Kacoyanis.
From left, Pamela Toulopoulos, Garrie Reilly and Dr. George Kacoyanis.
From left, Co-chair Christa Ayoub, Dr. Peter Tsairis and Aphrodite Tsairis.

Stella Galanis and Katherine Georgeopoulos.
From left, Xenia Papoulias, Tina Fotopoulos, an ESCADA model and Paula Berlis.
Louise Damascus and Liz Karagianis.

From left, event Chair Stacey Kacoyanis, Hellenic Women's Club President Pamela Lazares, and AXIA Award recipients, Denise Hazen and Dr. Judy Garber. The AXIA Award, translated from the Greek as 'she who is worthy,' is given by the members of the Hellenic Women's Club to women of achievement who have made significant contributions to society and who have distinguished themselves as role models and sources of inspiration to others. Denise Hazen and Dr. Garber are the first recipients of the AXIA Award.
The ESCADA models.
From left, Elisabeth Sampson, Christina Samellas, Catherine Samellas, Ian Sampson, John Samellas, Dr. Helen Papoulias O'Leary, Demetre Samellas, Dr. Thomas B. O'Leary, Colin Widen and Nansi Widen.

From left, Moira James, Demetra Fund Chair Stephanie Andrews and Francene Kanter.
From left, Joan Aliapoulios, Renee Argyris and Jean Canellos.
From left, Susan Riley, Donna Bertolon and Francene Salmon.